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Little Lamb
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Growing Plants



We specialise in iron ore, manganese, phosphates, gold and PGMs from project inception, resource development, process modelling, plant design, feasibility study management and product support.

Vulcan Technologies Pty Ltd

Creating opportunities for you to reach your goals. 
Would you like better health? Financial security? Metallurgical help? Organic supplements for you or your farm/garden? We can help. Browse the different sections below, and contacts us at the bottom of this page for more information.

Hydration and Alkaline Water


Learn how to hydrate your cells efficiently. Once your hydration improves you can learn how to produce your own alkaline water safely and enjoy the health benefits of negative ions.

Ocean Minerals


We harvest ~90 minerals from seawater and produce organic soil remineraliser as well as a mineral supplement for humans and pets.

Assessment and rebalancing of information fields


The energy field around the human body can be assessed for damage and emotional trauma due to past experiences removed.

Comissioned art


After a particular piece? We can assist.