Vulcan Technologies Pty Ltd

Value in Use (VIU) Modelling

From the output of conventional comminution through beneficiation, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy, Vulcan Technologies have models in place or can develop a suitable model to predict the behaviour of your plant/process/product.


Boutique comminution processes are covered as well. Recent processes modelled include


- a titanomagnetite gravity and magnetic circuit

- graphite hydrometallurgy

- marine phosphate recovery and beneficiation

- an iron ore pelletising plant

- vanadium recovery from hot metal

- variable economic benefit from blast furnace hearth protection with titania

- a full steel works model using empirical data

- a full steel works model from first principals where kinetic equilibrium is taken into account

- a charcoal mini blast furnace for ferromanganese production

- a direct reduction (DRI) steel works

- stainless steel production

- Evaluation of different PCI injection coals in a blast furnace.

A robust model of a process allows sound economic calculations to be performed.


Value in Use (VIU) of a raw material is the value above the delivered price that a raw material will deliver to a customer. When calculating VIU, many factors have to be taken into account. We track on a daily basis all iron ore, coal, coke, fluxes, scrap, steel products, other energy costs and emissions legislation to ensure your calculation results are up to date and relevant.


Vulcan Technologies considers both chemistry and physical properties of raw materials in determining the value of a raw material to a steel maker (as an example). A mass and energy balance using HSC Chemistry is performed on the coke ovens, sinter plant, pellet plant, blast furnace, hot metal pre-treatment (desiliconising, desulphurising, vanadium recovery, dephosphorising), basic oxygen furnace, ladle metallurgy and rolling; allowing the determination of value for any steel making raw material as well as the impact of carbon (CO2) and sulphur (SO2) emissions.

We also publish where we can to expand the community knowledge base.