Vulcan Technologies Pty Ltd

Technical Marketing

Technical Marketing is a field complimentary to the commercial marketing process as well as to the mining process. Because of our experience in various commodities, including steel making and technical marketing of iron ore, contact us for advice on:


- Developing a technical marketing strategy for your ore


- Choosing a suitable customer base


- Choosing, designing and managing test work programs to give current and potential customers enough knowledge about your ore to make an informed decision on how much to use in their plants


- Mass and water balances of beneficiation and upgrading processes, either at the mine site or at the end-user


- Optimising the performance of your product in end user plants, in conjunction with your customers


- Maintaining price databases of various traded ores (including boutique ores like titanomagnetite) to enable modelling of ore value and appropriate price points during commercial negotiations


- Determining the value of your products or raw materials in typical end user plants.