Vulcan Technologies Pty Ltd

Process Modelling

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The degree to which a process is understood is captured in the elegance of a process model. You only understand it if you can model it.


You have a process, actual or conceptual? We can probably model it and enhance your understanding and thus decision making power.


We use primarily Aggflow DM and HSC Chemistry as development tools which deals with comminution, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. So from crushing and screening, gravity and magnetic separation, flotation kinetics, chemistry and high temperature processes all are covered. DWSim is used for chemical process modelling and for specialised projects the other software suites are not designed for.


Recent projects include

- Non-thermal drying thermodynamic model development,

- Modelling of a grinding circuit under various operating conditions to verify need to upgrade,

- Flotation modelling and kinetic model fitting including plant sizing based on long term mine plan variability,

- Amine decay over time in a dynamic environment with and without the presence of tailings to react with,

- Modelling of an existing crushing and screening circuit, verifying plant performance versus modelled performance and recommending improvements,

- Iron ore comminution and gravity processing,

- Copper ore crushing, screening, grinding, flotation and hydrometallurgy,

- Ferromanganese production from a lower grade manganese ore using blast furnace technology,

- marine phosphate recovery and beneficiation,

- a titanomagnetite gravity and magnetic circuit, 

- steel making modelling for BOF and EAF routes,

- non-thermal drying and dry beneficiation of iron ore,

- CFD modelling of dilute phase solid transport,

- Comparison of different drying and dewatering technologies - permission received to publish.